Tuesday, November 16, 2010

She's back

Well, I haven't had much to say since August, obviously I have been saving it all up to inspire you at once. It's a beautiful fall day, November has come way too fast and we are well on our way to December. December means several things for me. One, I will be 50 on the 7th. 50 is a number that always applied to others, not me. Until this year, I have never truly felt my age. I am however starting to feel like I am no longer the carefree person I once thought I was. This year will not only be a milestone birthday for me but the first anniversary of my brother in laws passing. Tony and I know share a birthday, mine into this life and his into his eternal life. I feel privelaged to share this date with him. Even tho I miss him and would give anything to have him back, I know that he is in a far better place, free of pain and the heartache of this world. I know I will see him again one day and that he will be reunited with Terri and together they will enjoy watching Maverick play. It hasn't been an easy year, an easy end to this decade for me. I have always believed that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger so I would like to believe that I am stronger today than I was a year ago. Things are changing, relationships are ending, friendships are shifting. I watch my mother age and know that my time with her is limited. How do you prepare for these changes? All I know is that we aren't guaranteed tomorrow, none of us are promised a sunrise. I hope to make this coming decade the best one I've had. I hope to make a difference in the lives around me. To better myself physically, spiritually, mentally and socially. This is the beginning of a new day and I am going to take it by the horns and ride like the wind. I'm gonna keep on keepin on and hope that one day, I can look back and be proud of the life I've lead.

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